Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The dogs: Mazunte

Mazunte is one year old, and the designated teddy bear of the lot. He's one quarter Alaskan Malamute, one quarter Siberian Husky, half Alaskan Husky and all fur. When mushing in winter, snow will melt on the backs of the other dogs, but not on this guy.
He is more "polar" than the other dogs here, he will trash his house and gnaw on anything, but is also bonds with humans in a very immediate and direct way.
Mazunte is named for a village in Mexico. Funny how these things go, it's a weird thing, calling a sled dog after a tropical place, but now I can no longer imagine him being called anything else.


Laura Amescua said...

My son went camping to Mazunte (or very near) two weeks ago.. they went on a "take care of turtles" project for school... the world is sooooo little... but tell me... have you ever been there??

Northmark said...

I have not been there. And have not, alas, even been to Mexico.

But I had an ex who was mad about Mexico, and when I got two new puppies I let her name them. She called them Mescal and Mazunte. (Mescal had a congenital breathing disorder and had to be taken out. No fun.)

Mazunte is by far the most "arctic" of my dogs, with absolutely incredible fur and a wild, wolfey side to him.