Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tinker, tailer, soldier, hairy hippie

(Picture from Tinker's Bubble, from

Sometimes people who feel that living a low-impact kind of life makes sense will move together and, especially in Britain it seems, they will form small villages and end up commanding respect, ridicule and fear in differing measures from the squareheads around them. I was made aware yesterday of a piece in the newspaper about such a place, Tinker's Bubble, and I have to admit, I sure do share assorted hang-ups with the people there. When asked by the journalist if they miss anything from "normal civilization" they even  answer exactly the same as I do, "well, maybe a washing machine". 
What scares me with these intentional communities is that you sooner or later have to have some kind of meetings with these seemingly like-minded people. And money and sex will seep into the equation, no matter what you do. This is all eminently described in the piece "New Wool Blanket Tears Commune Apart" in the Onion. It may be satire, but will sound eerily familiar to anybody who's been around self-made back-to-the-landers. 
Being a hermit has it's down sides. But at least you know who's boss.

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