Saturday, May 9, 2009

Return of Son of How to transport propane on a bicycle

Here's an old picture, the last one in this series. Note how the propane is fastened with the seatbelt (the children's bench is removed).

Theaccidentalhermit has readers in China, according to this site's webcounter. On hearing this, friend Ceegee wrote the following play:

Wang sits at a table in an office, holding his head in his hands. The computer screen on the table glares darkly at him. The door opens and his friend Chen enters the room, but Wang does not look up.
Chen - Oh, Wang! What's the matter?
Wang - My truck broke down again... it's no use.
Chen - You know what they say... the road to misfortune is the road of not trying.
Wang - Yes, but now how do I transport the propoane into town?
Chen - You can actually read about this, and many, many other interesting things, here on this website...
(Chen reaches over and turns on the computer. The screen fills with light and the light from the screen floods onto Wang's face as Chen's fingers dance across the keyboard.)
Wang (blinks) - Amazing! I did not know such a fantastic website existed!
Chen (laughs) - But now you do.
Wang - I will visist it often. 

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