Saturday, May 23, 2009

Unsafe at any speed

Hideous solution: To a nasty problem.

For use in civilization, I have a 1948 "The World" single speed bicycle. It is a joy to ride and gives ample excuse for musings on how everything made today is total shit compared to those glorious machines manufacturers managed to put together way back when. 
But it's not as if spare parts are all that easy to come by. All brake wires, for example, are sold in only one length because nobody needs barrels in both ends these days. On a modern bicycle with v-brakes, you cut off the piece you don't need, end of story. But on my front hub brake I need a barrel at each end to fasten the bloody thing. So I ended up cutting a cable in two and fastening the pieces with a wire cramp to get the correct length. Not a pretty sight.
There are some venues that cater to the tastes of us sad, sick people who drool over old bicycles, though. Like British Brooks and Danish Sögreni. Ah, those leather handles

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