Thursday, May 14, 2009

With the lights out, it's less dangerous

Here we are now: Entertain us

Neighbours M&M are connected to the power grid, but it has a mercurial temperament and power comes and goes. They invited me for dinner, and when the lights went out they were well prepared, with candles and this beautiful vintage oil lamp. I could tell immediatly it had a round wick 10/16 of an inch wide. But this detail I kept to myself. 
These are good people. Why would I want to be boring.
As always, when the lights came back on, we all felt a bit sad and shy. There's something special in the quiet and dark of an outage. Unless, of course, this happens all the time or you really, really need that defibrillator. 

Update: Turns out that there are solar powered defibrillators around, at least in public spaces in Germany. So that takes care of that, then.

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