Friday, June 12, 2009

De-clog it!

An interesting proposal: For any off-grid chemist and housewife. (Photo: senseless)

There are several reasons to avoid using normal plumbing in an off-grid kitchen, and instead simply schlepp the gray water in a bucket to some random place outdoors and just dump it.
Reason number one is that you don't want to deposit all your fluid wastes in one spot, unless you invest in a lot of work creating a gray water treatment system and all.
Another reason is that since you might not use all that much water, water often being at a premium in an off-grid home, your pipes are going to clog. You really do not want to poison your real estate with commercial drain cleaners.
Some genius called senseless seems to have a solution to that last point, though, a bio-friendly drain cleaner.
The recipe calls for "16 ounce bears" and "Rid-ex". I have no idea what that means. So I guess I'll stick to my gray water bucket for the time being. Looks clever and scary, though.

(Via Make:blog)

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