Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Smells like teen hermit

Environmental warfare: If the smell of newly baked bread works for 7-eleven, I feel it should work for me.

"Whoa," said GF. "You sure smell of your cabin."
"Really?" I said happily. "What does my cabin smell like?"
"Well. Sort of like, mold and kerosene, you know?"

I have been worrying about this. It is one motivation, actually, for my incessant bread baking. Surely, this activity should overpower other smells that I by now have become so accustomed to that I no longer notice them.
But no.
Remember how as a kid you would always notice how different other people's homes would smell? And it was always impossible to know what your own home smelled like.
The solution to my new odor issue is probably more electricity during winter, so I don't have to rely so heavily on the kerosene lamps. And add some fan to the storage room, where I keep my kit. There are commercial outfits that provide solar powered fans, but they seem unnecessarily expensive, compared to just stringing it together.
Or I could just move to town, of course.

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