Thursday, June 11, 2009

Unasked question

Tools of the trade: The unsung pleasures of mushing.

Here's a question non-mushers almost never ask: What on earth do you do with all the dog poop, you odd, odd little fellow?
Basically, I scoop it up once once a day, put it in a bucket with assorted straw and wood chips lying around the dog houses, and carry it to the compost pile which is so far away no guest will ever come across it by accident.
The pile doesn't really smell. Honest, it doesn't.
Some mushers have enough dogs to warrant professional-looking "poop scoops", normally the ones made for horsey people. Two flat shovels of different width is good enough for me.
Above are the important tools. The gloves are no joke, without running water you want gloves.

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