Thursday, August 20, 2009

Doing it alone?

Is it safe now? Delirious fantasy from Life magazine, 1961. (Via Make magazine.)

I have spent more time than any sane person should contemplating on just what I would need to survive should civilization as we know it come to an end.
The short version of my conclusion is that there is no way I would make it. A select few hardy individuals might survive for decades, providing they don't get appendicitis or do something stupid with firearms. But you would need to be extremely competent, live in an extremely good location and have lots and lots of really good luck.
The solution, obviously, is to survive together. Not as a family unit, as pictured above, but as a society. Rob Hopkins, of the Transition Towns Initiative, has some enlightened views on this subject.


Diane said...

I agree...though I wished I could make it alone. Not that I am against "people"...I find myself more relaxed when I am not surrounded by too many. Saying all that, as I get older, to truly live alone & survive would be ALOT harder and possibly a shorter life span, then sharing survival skills with another.

Andrew said...

To merely survive is one thing. To maintain your humanity while doing so is quite another.

I just read Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road.' Plenty of bands of creeps surviving in various ugly ways...

But, hey, the Inuit kept at it for centuries, and they couldn't even grow anything for most of the year.