Monday, August 10, 2009

Dumpster find makes NYTimes headline

If I had a car, I would be the most addicted kind of dumpster diver imaginable. Sometimes I almost weep at the sight of all kinds of things and perfectly usable building materials just thrown away yet, alas, untransportable by me and my trusty bicycle.
Sometimes garbage is even good enough to warrant a headline in the New York Times. Here's a piece about one spectacular dumpser find.
A more realistic sample of what happens to you when you get enamoured by other people's junk here.


Diane of CA said...

While living in Japan, the Japenese would throw out just about any & everything during each New Year celebration...and we the outsiders would go dumpster diving. I got a colored tv, clothes washer (theirs are super compact) and they both worked great. Some of my friends got great stuff, furniture, appliances, etc. It is just a custom they do Jan 1.

coastkid said...

i love skip diving!!
cant resist having a rummage throgh any skips on the street,the council public waste skip sites here are strict and wont let you take antthing which is a shame,bicycles go to a recycle place in edinburgh but could have wept when i saw a lovely bianci 1970s roadbike,full campag lying with a lawnmower dumped on it!!