Thursday, August 27, 2009

Li'l feller

Beneath the awning, right next to the door that leads into my shop, there's a small cavity that each spring gets inhabited by a pair of white wagtails, who inevitably evolve into a family of white wagtails. The sound of their chirping throughout spring and into the summer months is simply fantastic. I used to be careful about not making to much sound around them, but they really don't seem to care at all.
One day this guy fell out, well before he was old enough to fly. Thankfully, my evil cat had not discovered him. I had a vague panic attack as I stuffed the chick into the nest again. Would he be rejected for smelling of human? How do these things work?
I think it went ok. They all went on chirping.

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Diane said...

I am glad too you mean cat did not get him *giggle*. I always wonder about that if human scent can mess up an acceptance of a baby bird. I always found baby swallows and put them back in the nest. I think they made it too.