Friday, August 7, 2009

When we think about energy

The above graph is from Google trends, and shows when users search for the term "wind power". There's a noticable slump in interest around june each year, because environmentalist crackpots are out hugging trees or something. There is an even sharper decline in interest around Christmas each year.
Huh. Oh well. Maybe people just don't spend that much time on the computer around Christmastime. But let's look. When, during the year, do people search for porn?

Oh dear. Notice the peak around each Christmas. It's not as pronounced as the slump of interest in wind power during the same time, but obviously, people are not entirely forsaking their computer for the sake of their families or manning soup kitchens.

(And by the way, one intrepid web user in Esfahan, Iran, seems to arrived at this site by searching for "old lady honny" (sic) leading him to this post of mine. Oh dear, again.)

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