Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I've had between one and eight sled dogs for the last eleven years. For four memorable months, I took care of two German Shorthaired Pointers for a friend who was traveling, so there were ten dogs on my lot.
Now I'm down to four. I found it harder and harder to train a large team. So I've sent away the most athletic mutts to happier lives with more dedicated mushers. And by now I realize I'm never going to run a team of eight again. At least not eight of my own dogs, which was the whole point. I have no need to be a tourist on somebody else's sled.
I still can't make myself burn all those doghouses, though. So they're stacked up, like some sad Doggy Manhattan.
Things change. Go with the flow.

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Oldfool said...

Never is a strong word usually taken by Dog as a challenge.
And Dog said "burn thou not the house of dog for thangs change".