Monday, September 28, 2009

An eye for it

Pregnant women recognize other pregnant women all over the place, I'm told. A bike fiend friend can spot a Campagnolo derailleur a mile away.
Me, I sure got an eye for outhouses. Here's a communal one I saw this summer on a ferry landing. I'm not sure why it says "Baron", but there used to be a barony close by.
Aye, the common people will arise as one, one day.
Also, I'm not sure how it works, as I didn't have a chance to check. Most likely, it's either closed or they've carved out a hole so everything just plops down into the fjord. Any other technology would require maintenance, which in general is just not in vogue.


coastkid said...

im definitly one for spotting sheds and lean-twos,always like to stick my head in an open shed or old shed see whats inside,

Diane said...

mmm...interesting! It got me to thinking what I look for. Guess I have an eye out for small unique houses. As long as they do not look like all the rest...that's good enough for me.