Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How to make holes

Making holes in stuff is intensely satisfying, some say even more so when there is a purpose to it. As most people, I presumed drilling by hand was hideously difficult and so have always relied on battery powered drills (right on picture, above), an invention that came in the wake of the NASA space program, I have been told.
Only when I moved off-grid did I get acquainted with the hand brace (left, above) and was shocked to discover that though one does sacrifice some speed in using a hand brace, one gains an incredible amount of torque. The whole battery drill thing is a scam! Except, perhaps, when it comes to assembling large decks, say, with one thousand little screws. And as there is a borrowed battery drill in the picture here, there are obviously occasions when the hand brace doesn't quite cut it.
The place where I buy most of my tools no longer sells hand braces, the closest they get now is the "egg-beater"-drill (center, above). This implement is nothing but an insult, hardly powerful enough for papercraft, and gives hand-powered tools a bad name.

Hermit's verdict:
Power drill:
Ok for some applications. Unsustainable in the long run.
Hand brace: Excellent, low-maintenance
Egg-beater style drill: Worthless piece of shit

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