Saturday, September 12, 2009


I have this recurring dream about a greenhouse. So do neighbors and friends Ø & M, who salvaged these windows from a construction site, but later came to their senses and decided to get a commercial greenhouse instead of building with these.
"How could we be so stupid, and end up with a ton of useless windows?" they asked themselves.
And then they called me.
As usual with stuff that is so heavy that you can barely lift it, these windows were also just big enough to make it almost impossible to get a good grip on each side.
I have a backpack with a sturdy frame that comes in handy for these kind of things. I removed the pack itself, and used a bed roll for friction and padding, and used a trucker's strap to fasten the window.
Sometimes freighting stuff up to the cabin can only be done through sheer pigheadedness, but this time it went ok.
Why not use the dogs, you might well ask. The path up to my place is just too difficult for any kind of cart. And I'm not going to build a road.
There actually is such a thing as a wheeled back pack out there. Imagine.


Oldfool said...

Builds character.
Backache comes first.

Diane said...

Checked out that link for the wheeled back pack. Looks like a great idea.
So what are you going to do with the windows?

coastkid said...

your rucksack frame has got me thinking.., with one of those i could carry one big (but short) log at a time off the beach with the pugsley and hide them at a pick up point for the car and trailer!!,need to get round the charity shops and pick one up!!

Northmark said...

Oldfool: I'm still that same wishy-washy kid. I'm hoping this character building will catch up one day.

Diane: In some distant future, I might have a greenhouse.

Coastkid: Good idea. I recommend strapping the logs as high up on the frame as possible, preferably at shoulder height.