Thursday, September 3, 2009

Week's small chores reviewed

Above is my so-called "sports utility bicycle", strapped to it's side is one of those plastic boxes used to transport dogs on airplanes. I'm taking it to the office so I can bring a dog with me to work every now and then. I have my own office with a proper door and everything, so I don't really need an extra enclosure, but it took up space at home and might provide some sense of security for a four-legged, furry office temp.
I've also finally inserted some windows on the north side of my doggy kitchen. I liberated these from an office I rented four years ago, the place was going to be torn down anyway. Still have heaps of them lying around. While the Lord may work in wondrous ways, I work in very, very slow ones and I spent years before I finally recaulked, stripped and painted four of them to put up here.
Putting up a whole bunch of windows on the north side of any structure rarely make a lot of sense in this hemisphere, but I hadn't thought this part out too cleverly when I built the thing.

A large part of the materials for the whole dog pen and doggy kitchen started out as a bike shed at a place I lived five years ago. After I dismantled the shed, the materials had a brief intermezzo as a rain-proof scene for musicians at some friends' wedding, before that was taken apart (even the nails were salvaged this time!), dragged up to my cabin and given a new lease on life as a place to keep dogs and kibble.
That's a whole lot of carrying. I try to think of it as a free upper body work-out.


Diane said...

Kudos on your projects. I envy your skills, even though it took you like forever *smile*! Seriously though I do admire your innovations. Cool bike too!
Have a sweet day eh?

Oldfool said...

You could call the doggy kitchen with the north windows your studio. Painters say that north light is best for painting or so I've been told. I had a chance to score a pile of window screens a while back and I didn't do it. If I would kick myself I would.