Monday, October 5, 2009

Best friend technology

Sometimes the bond between man and dog bring out the best in both. Sometimes it does not. And sometimes the result is something in between. Here's a "dog restrainer" gadget which I doubt would work for sled dogs. From Life Magazine's "30 Dumb Inventions".
Despite the title, some of those inventions aren't dumb at all. (Via Dinosaurs & Robots.)

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Oldfool said...

I saw that but dismissed it as something some crackpot that knows nothing about dogs (or cats either for that matter) thought up. In the first place my 50 pound watch pig could pull that thing from a strong adult males hands in a heart beat. If she saw it in my hands she would just lay down and wait for her punishment but that's because she knows there is likely to be a treat. Such a sucker I am.
I would like to see a know-it-all grab a healthy husky with that. Just for laughs of course.