Monday, October 12, 2009

Fending for oneself

One of the sites I visit compulsively is Bikehacks, a review of all things weird and wonderful in the world of self-propelled transport.
Occasionally I whip out my camera to take pictures of nice bikemods myself. Whenever I see interesting old cars there are often some people loitering around taking pictures of it, so I am hoping the creepy stigma that used to be attached to taking pictures of other people's stuff has slowly waned now that we are all photo-spies.
Above is a bike I saw recently with some well executed plastic bottle fender extenders. Plastic bottle fender extenders are a staple in the world of diy bicycle upgrading, but this one was particularly nicely done, I felt. Note the use of pop rivets and reflector material.


brian said...

I was just thinking of making some fender extensions for my commuter bike. I don't usually care for the plastic bottle type but those are pretty decent looking.

coastkid said...

some good recycling going on there!