Tuesday, November 10, 2009

End of rig season

We pulled the rig up to my lot the other day. During off-season I keep the rig down by the logging road, parked and secluded in a small opening between some trees that seems almost custom made for the purpose.

There's a pretty small window of opportunity for this. I use the rig as long as I can before freeze-up, but after the first snow I have to pull it up to my place pretty quick, or it becomes horrifically difficult to skid it over the snow and up the cliff. Taking it down at the start of spring also requires some planning, ideally it should be done after most of the snow has melted, but before the bog thaws.

Solan and Mazunte in front, Bibi behind. This was a very short and slow trip, but a good workout for all of us.

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