Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Estos zapataos fueron hechos para caminar

Much of what passes as intellectual activity up here is blown on figuring out how to deal with diverse road conditions under various climatic circumstances. This is sort of like ordering coffee at Starbucks, the variety of coffee, milk, syrups and sizes multiply into an absurd number of possible constellations.

I also have to guess what conditions will be like when I return to the cabin. The weather might change and what seemed fine on the way down no longer works on the way up. If I screw up I can end up carrying a loaded bicycle five miles through knee-deep snow, or slogging along on gravel roads in skiing boots.

I have done both. Several times.

Today I decided the road might be quite slippery, and will probably be very slippery when I return. My studded running shoes (above, left) seemed like a good option. But the snow between my place and where I get to the logging road is wet and deep. Also, those shoes are noisy like heck on pavement, so I dislike using them in town. There are worse things than being considered a homeless guy, as I usually am, and one of those is being considered a homeless guy with fancy, fluorescent and extremely noisy running shoes.

I could carry boots and change into them when necessary, but this takes time and man, my boots are large and fill up the backpack something fierce. Enter the overshoes (above, right). They are waterproof, weigh little and take no space when scrunched up.

Am I being boring now? Come on, tell me if I'm being boring.

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coastkid said...

not boring at all..! shoe talk is good!,gives others ideas on choice and may save folk money..