Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A farewell to treads

For a while I have had an old snowmobile, theoretically to break trails and in case of emergency. Thankfully, friend and neigbour Olav (above) relieved me of it yesterday.

I have some experience driving a snowmobile on wide, open spaces but it turned out that driving these contraptions in a forest is a whole different story. Slow down and you end up sinking in the snow, never to get out of the hole you're in. So not only does one need to go at full throttle, one has to do this with tree trunks all around. It's like those video games, except the chance of real life damage is exponentially higher.

Olav is much better than me at this, and has now taken the snowmobile to another neighbour, Gunnar, where it will make itself useful instead of just taking up space.


Oldfool said...

Good move. Did you notice a sense of relief?

Northmark said...

This was extremely liberating. An efficient way of catching up on my maintenance schedule.