Friday, January 8, 2010

Peak blood

Plugging Hollywood movies is not going to be the norm here, but the metaphors in the recently released Daybreakers are fascinatingly obvious.

The resources are running out. The few wild humans are hunted mercilessly and devoured. The only chance for survival of the planet more or less as we know it is to relinquish newly acquired benefits and go back.

It's a vampire movie, for goodness' sake, and about "peak blood" rather than "peak oil". But hey, it's pretty close. Blood = oil, and access to blood means a sick and perverted kind of immortality.

Obviously, a flick is not going to lead to any kind of revolution. But I'm just fascinated by how some basic truths are rarely spoken about (or acted upon), but still seems to be understood, more or less, by so many of us even as we are screwing everything up.

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