Monday, March 1, 2010

Li'l fellers

Here are some oddly named fellows, a great tit (to the left) and a willow tit (to the right). There have been less birds this winter than usual. This might be related to the fact that there are many foxes this year, but not a whole lot of mice. Or maybe it's due to some unspeakable tipping point finally having been reached in the global eco-system. I never count that one out.

The pictured feeding station is placed in front of a window, giving Felis, the evil cat, access to what amounts in her view as the best television programming ever.

Update: I got one of the birds wrong. See comments.


Oldfool said...

Here in southeast Louisiana we have had many more birds than usual this winter. So many that bird poop on the front and back porch has become a problem.
Maybe yours are here.

Anonymous said...

Nice tits. The one to the right is actually a coal tit. Willow tits have smaller black throat patch, and brown back (not dark blue/grey). One can wonder about the origin of some english birdnames... Shag, tits, woodcock and peckers. Guess they are all of interest to your pussy.

For more birdnerd info try:

or for norwegian news, etc:

nice blog! greetings from T

Diane-Sage said...

First time I ever saw one with yellow...beautiful they are. I am enjoying the hummingbirds that are out and about in full force. Hard to get a photo though "sigh"

coastkid said...

a blue tit..though yellow!, we get loads here in our gardens,never seen the chap on the right...also get finches here too...thet all love penuts...