Monday, March 22, 2010

Pulka madness

Here's Trig, hooking the draft poles of his child-carrying pulka to his harness. His son is behind that nifty windshield. Just like on kiddie seats on bicycles, children easily fall asleep in pulkas, hypnotized by the parent's rhythmical movements and all that fresh air.

Somebody, somewhere, has surely cobbled together some dreary flat-screen centered entertainment options for kids in these situations, but so far the idea has not gained traction. All is not lost.


Anonymous said...

If you start too early, the kid may get "seasick" and vomit and suffocate. The kid should be able to sit up, and be awake. Be careful if less than a year.
Don't go out in very cold weather
Mother has spoken

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Assumimg our kid dragging parent is going by mother's rules, he has to be one Hell of a parent to be dragging around his kid in the snow like that.

Andy in Germany said...

Do you know any families who live like this and blog or have websites to assist wannabies like us towards off gridness? Pulka use optional.

Northmark said...

Good question. "Many Tracks" and "Lifecycle", listed under "Stuff I read" to the right, is about couples. I can't remember reading any blog about off-grid families with kids. But there has got to be some out there.