Monday, May 31, 2010


Here's a rather
nervously executed video of me and Mazunte out "bikejoring". Bikejoring means simply hooking up one or more dogs to a bicycle and let it rip.

The biggest challenge in bikejoring is surviving those few seconds between hooking up the dogs and mounting the bicycle. I normally keep one foot on the gangline up until the last second.
Below is my setup, I use an old bicycle tube to add some suspension.


Oldfool said...

Plenty of power in that dog motor. Looks like he's out for a stroll. One more use for old bike tubes.
How much control do you actually have and does it depend on the mood the dog has at any given time?
I love these working dog clips.

Anders said...


Bikjoring is certainly fun and sometimes dangerous! I limit myself to two dogs at a time...

Anonymous said...

Very cool! How long can you run and at what temperatures?

Northmark said...

I have only moderate control, I must admit. When I have more than one dog we normally go at a good clip and the dogs keep to the right. And they respond pretty well to "right" and "left" (or "gee" and "haw" as I once read mushers say, and have used myself ever since).

You are correct, Oldfool, in that he is out for a stroll here. Not a good puller on his own at all. But he's got personality, and personality goes a long way.

This time of year, I rarely go for more that ten miles (16 km), mostly at a trot of five or six miles an hour. I'm really not keeping the dogs in very good shape any more.

ha1ku said...

Love the vid. I tried the same thing with my dog; I had no idea there was a name for it. Unfortunately, she is not a sled dog, and I ended up on the ground with a skinned up knee on account of her getting the line tied up in the front tire. Oh well!