Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dog pens

I am easily flattered, and when asked to post a picture of my dogpen I do as told. It is astonishingly hard to photograph, though, as trees and the cabin itself gets in the way. This is 1/3 of the whole construction, I have since improved the doggy kitchen (to the left) somewhat.

The whole contruction process is documented here. And it's still not finished.

And while on the subject of dog pens, below is a picture of a part of the dogyard at M & Øs, who are neighbours and prizewinning mushers. A wonderful detail here is the sandbox, complete with a pissing log. That guy in the foreground is Crom, a strong, happy and very, very noisy boy.


dogsled_stacie said...

Wow, you do as your told and you do it fast! Every woman's dream man! LOL

Thanks, I will have to check out the building process. Always on the lookout for new pen ideas! :)

Steven Cain said...

Crom...nice choice.