Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fair-weather electric cooler

My electric cooler is noisy and power-hungry, but I do rather enjoy being able to offer cooled beer to visitors. And offering a cool beer while outdoors seems even more suave than having to trot indoors every time it's time to replenish.

I have an old solar panel which I have been saving for some as of yet undecided project, I hooked it up to a solar charger and a 7,2 ah battery, and thus made myself a stand-alone outdoors solar powered electrical cooler.

Hooking the panels directly to the cooler does not work. Enough volts, not enough amperage, I'm guessing.

This system only works with lots of sun. Either that, or a much larger (and charged) battery.


Andy in Germany said...

Much envy from Germany, not so much for the cold beer but for the greenhouse: all I've managed so far is a row of little mini greenhouses made of the top half of plastic lemonade bottles. I guess we have to start somewhere.

Northmark said...

Ah, a recurring theme in the coming months, I am afraid, will be that I could make a greenhouse half as good with a tenth of the effort of the one I am currently working towards.

But I can't help dreaming.