Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The fine art of beer transport

A lot of guys pretend they can tell the difference between various types of beer. Mostly, they're just making this up. I enjoy beer as much as the next man, and there are certainly some beers that are better than others out there, but a lot of male beer talk is plain nonsense.

So I am not plugging a specific kind of beer here. But I do endorse this kind of can. The profile of the aluminum here creates a much stronger, more durable container than your normal, straight-sided version. Which is pretty important if you're going to drag it over rocky roads and have no running water at your destination.

Sometimes people tell me that I must have learned a lot by living up here.
"A little bit," I say.


Oldfool said...

My brand is "BEER" preferably cool. Stored in the shade is good enough. Cheap is good free is better. Other than that I'm not fussy. Beer taste like beer.

I found on the boat that bottles worked better for long range. I actually had cans wear through from constant vibration on two occasions. I think that means I wasn't drinking it fast enough. Bottles are heavy and contrary to popular belief hard to break so make a better weapon when empty.

This is making me thirsty.

workbike said...

It seems blogger has eatem my previous comment...

I know no 'real man' (or at least no real bloke) should ever admit this but I don't like beer.

This is a bit ironic when I live in Germany, but there we go. I come from the UK and I don't like soccer either.

Nothing against either, I hasten to add, and if your idea of a good time is drinking beer and watching soccer, that's fine by me. I'll probably not join you though.