Friday, May 14, 2010

Woodland mystery

Here's a sofa I passed on my way to work today. It's not that far into the woods. It's pretty close to the train tracks. But still. Somebody had to drag it half a mile along a narrow, muddy path. There were remnants of a camp fire right next to it.

Would be bitchin' for an album cover.

This is going to get ugly real soon, once it gets soggy and the filling starts flying every which way. I could drag it to the closest tarmac. Maybe even hitch my dogs to it. But then what?

I am a relentless and sometimes extremely boring advocate for cycling, but this kind of situation is a fine example of why people like to have cars.


coastkid said...

crazy eh?, ive taken to burning human rubbish on the coast where the council wont lift it (a mile from carparks), its not right to burn plastics but walkers say thanks for tidying the beach!, id burn it on a cold evening and enjoy the heat!

Northmark said...

An excellent idea. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

We have the same sort of problem near our village: large amounts of rubbish appear in a local picnic site, usually just after a lot of cars were seen parking (illegally) nearby.
Methinks a pattern emerges.
Of course, you could just remove everything that will burn without being obnoxious, although thinking about it, that may be a very small percentage of the total.