Friday, June 11, 2010

Ax sheath

Here's another one of Ms. H's homemade things, an ax tote. Modern people forget how incredibly dangerous it has always been to suffer what today are considered minor accidents. A classic green-horn mistake out in the woods is letting saws and axes and other tools lie around, waiting for you to fall on them. Thus the ax-tote. Don't let that thing lie on the ground.

There's a Turkish saying about the forest being cut down, and the trees thinking to themselves, well, at least the shaft of the ax is one of us. A saying to remember, I'm afraid and sorry to say, whenever somebody insists on being ruled and lorded over by "their own".


Andy in Germany said...

I sometimes wonder if these 'minor accidents' will take on a greater significance in a low-energy future. I hope not.

I like the Turkish saying. It took a few seconds for me to get the meaning: at first I thought that it was in the context of an ax lying on the floor ready for revenge against the woodcutter.

Steven Cain said...

Ms H has some talented hands. Loved the bowl.

anniekatherine said...

Yeah, I always keep my axes in ax purses.

...'cause I have lots of axes, duh.