Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mellow yellow level

Staying inside the cabin does give a slight woozy feeling, a little bit like being drunk for free and without the hangover afterwards.

Despite much time having been spent beneath the cabin, engaged in furious jacking, this is what the floor is like. As I am planning to build and add-on greenhouse, maybe before the robots take over the planet, the manor proper had better be plumb and level. But jack up one part and the other parts seems to go the opposite direction.

Tipis and yurts. They got a lot going for them, you know.


Oldfool said...

The small house here is off more than that in different directions depending on where you are. In general it slopes from east to west. No wall is straight and no doorway is square. It was strange at first but I've gotten use to it. I use to tip over when I went into one corner in the bedroom but I fixed that by not going there.

Steven Cain said...

I jacked my little house until I thought I would do damage to the steel roof...pulling screws loose, getting leaks. The roof was brand new then. Didn't want that. When I still couldn't get it level, I tore the floor and joists out and replaced the whole lot of it. I should have just bulldozed the place and started from scratch...would have been cheaper. Oh well. Be careful under there.