Tuesday, July 26, 2011


On friday, a bomb went off not far from my office, killing eight people. Shortly afterwards the perpetrator massacred 68 people, mostly teenagers, at a youth camp close by. (Numbers may be adjusted.)

All is fine with me and my family. Thank you to readers who have inquired about our well-being. As this is a small country and the number of casualities was high, it is inevitable that there will be few degrees of seperation between us and the victims. The country is filled with dread as the names are gradually made public.

Above is a picture I took at the commemoration for the victims. Allegedly, 200 000 people showed up.


coastkid said...

This has been top news here...

Thoughts are with the familys of the people,

Eileen A. Brodie said...

Heartfelt condolences to you and your country. We need to find a way to dismantle violence and polarizing manifestos, we need to say a peaceful word or show a better way every time we hear division and ignorance being celebrated in any way. That such were delusions of a madman doesn't ease the heartache, doesn't lower feelings of senselessness and newfound fear and distrust. I hear it as a call to guard against those yet sane amongst us, who nevertheless propose to engage in inhumane and arrogant solutions to the problems this world faces.

coventry recycled cycles said...

I'm so pleased that you and your family are safe and well. Something like this serves only to remind us all how fragile life is and how easily we take for granted our own security.

keep safe