Monday, July 18, 2011


Here's an elegant load-carrier I spotted outside a book store the other day. A common 1960's/70's bicycle with 20" wheels and, presumably, a two-speed "kickback" hub, the kind where the rider changes gear by pedalling slightly backwards. Pedalling further backwards activates the coaster brake. Front hub brake, bottle dynamo-powered headlight. An old milk crate with the logo of a local (and now almost certainly defunct) dairy has been fastened to the rack with twine. Eminently practical, yet not really attractive to the thieving vampire zombies.


coventry recycled cycles said...

The simple things definitely work the best- recently the local council phased out recycling boxes which led to a glut of perfectly sized and strong boxes being abandoned everywhere- needless to say i've gathered as many as I could and tucked them away in the garage and use them for all sorts of things-bike trailers, shopping trolleys, rear carriers- fab!

Northmark said...

Checked out your blog, you're doing brilliant stuff! Must follow it closely.