Monday, August 15, 2011

Daughter of a dog driving man

I am occasionally asked if any of my experiences as a musher influences the way I act as a father.
"Sometimes," I answer.


Anonymous said...

vi ble fasinert i Yucatan, der var drosjene enten motor-3-sykler eller 3-hjuls sykler. Fenomenalt for lokal transport i varmen.

Andy in Germany said...

Well, she seems to be doing okay on it. From Experience cars are more dangerous to children than dog food.

Andy in Germany said...

Just don't start putting the dogs in nappies, they won't like it.

Getting your child to pul sleds would probably cause comment as well...

Eileen A. Brodie said...

Northmark, As I'm sure most of your readers feel, I hope your life in "The Towns" with your family continues to go well. I daresay we've missed seeing your interesting blog entries. But life intervenes and I know for certain that writers (you are one) need time for reflection, or just to get other things done.
I found a handy free "tool" for condensing my own blog (Werk In Progress, into an offline ebook, I mention it because I've always meant to read your blog all the way through, but am not always online. So I hope you don't mind that I converted your blog into an ebook that I can read at my leisure. (it is just one copy on my device, not distributed in any way.) The tool is found at You just enter the url of your blog into their tool window, and in less than five minutes they've converted it into either an Epub or a Mobi format. Thanks for your interesting blog once again.

Northmark said...

Wow, what an honor!
I keep thinking I should get this blog up and running. Feel sort of shy now that I've lost the momentum of publishing regularly.