Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don't do this

A musher's nightmare. Do not attempt.
(Thanks, Jaass!)


Anonymous said...

lost in translation......eler lost in acceleration?
jeg mistet tispann med valp i bur på Dycken fra Hammeren-bommern, da jeg var på vei til å overnatte i marka: men fikk ham til å åpne bommen og kjørte etter. Bikkjene sto to km inn og drakk av en bekk. Bra å ha ulydige drikkebikkjer

N. said...

Been there, done that: Lost a 14-dog team in the middle of the night, mountain terrain, white-out, race situation. Still makes me sick thinking about it. Unbelievably, it all went well. Somebody higher up than the mountains must have been guarding us.

johanne said...

yeah; we all have events that have scared us.......we KNOW
dogs are unpredictable, in a way. But sometimes they act ok. One of mine actually turned the team & came BACK when I called.....after a self-decided take-off with the team.....with me on my belly dragged along in a sharp downhill, all buried in snow, I sort of blessed him or blessed whatever. But I do think it may be just bad or good luck. I would not have made a reconstructed youtube film if the kid was mine and it was found frozen to injury....or worse