Monday, October 20, 2008

I've got the power

I got these pylons on my land. As someone who lives off-grid, the irony is not lost on me. Visitors, encouraged by my seemingly lawless lifestyle and vague memories of third world countries often ask why I don't «just hook up» to these lines. These are, however, high-voltage lines that do not transport the kind of electricity you'd find in a normal outlet in a home.

I wonder sometimes if I'd rip out all grid-tied components if I ever moved to a place with «normal» electricity, and install a renewable energy system. Sometimes I've felt as if I probably would. The idea of being «energy self-sufficient» really rocks my boat. But there simply and literally isn't enough lead to go around to let everybody have their own batteries. As the grid is already there, it's probably the most environmentally responsible alternative to energy storage around.

I even advise friends who have off-grid cabins not to worry about getting pv-panels, provided they have road access to their site. With a car, you can just buy a sealed lead battery and charge it at home. Spending thousands of dollars on panels and regulators makes no sense if you're only going to use it for some reading lights and to charge your phone on a weekend.

For my insanely inconveniently situated home, however, solar panels and a battery-based system makes all the sense in the world.

And thank goodness for that.


johanne said...

hadde jo blitt kjekk grillmat med litt buzzzz fra høyspenten da......
Naboen på Snippen, med høy el regning.

Northmark said...

Huff. "Cato Zahl Pedersen" er jo stikkordet her.

Andrew said...

Yeah, what those guys said!

I lived on my cousin's house site before he had his PV set up. I had a cord running from the 12v lights out to my car and just used that battery.

Love your blog.