Friday, May 22, 2009

Keeping cool

Neighbours O&K save and freeze all the gristly parts of moose they don't consider fit for human consumption and give them to me. (This is intended as dog food, I hasten to add.) I store stuff like this in army-issue insulated food containers. Frozen stuff stays frozen in these for days. Of course, it pays to fill up the cavities as much as possible, and store several of these boxes together.

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Jordan said...

So I dumpster dive, but often run out of freezer space very quickly. If I were to procure some similar containers do you think it would be feasible to store them outdoors, full of food safely?

Here is the scenario, winter in Quebec will rarely get above freezing, if it does, I will usually have advanced warning and it will usually last a short period of time. Also the containers would be sheltered from the sun and I assume they would be relatively squirrel proof.

If you could email me your thoughts, it would be greatly appreciated jfsmeadows at gmail dot com.