Friday, May 8, 2009

More human powered transport

Here's me, moving house almost exactly four years ago on my Christiania trike.
There is, doubtlessly, a very high village idiot factor to trikes. This can't be helped.
It's a wonderful machine, but not really made for the kind of inclines and logging roads I get. I've used it quite a bit for training my dogs, hitched them up in front, but as the brakes on all three wheels are hub brakes, they're difficult to maintain once they're worn out.
Trikes also are at a disadvantage in cities, as they can't really be wrestled up on sidewalks and you can't pass cars waiting for a green light.
Hermit's verdict: On flat surfaces with not too much traffic, there's something undeniably majestic about cruising along on this vehicle.
In hilly areas, well, you develop some great calves. Heavy, but very well built machine, fine old world craftmanship.
And kids love it. It even has a little bench and a cool prarie wagon-style canopy. And a seat belt! Schlepp those li'l goinifs around in style!

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