Friday, May 8, 2009

Return of How to transport propane on a bicycle

I might be giving the impression here that I do nothing up in the woods but consume vast amounts of propane.
But better safe than experiencing the total collapse of civilization without the option of making a really nice sauté.
Here's another way of transporting propane, but this only works with the small containers. I've fastened this baby to my Extrawheel one-wheeled trailer.
As mentioned previously, I'd rather avoid two-wheeled trailers. I had a Bob yak for a long time, and even crossed large parts of the US with it, but alas, it ended up being stolen by some very evil people. The Bob had the advantage of a platform where you could fasten down your backpack, and on really difficult terrain you could strap backpack & trailer on your back, and carry the bike. The Extrawheel, however, is better in many other ways. It is excellent for carrying soft, bulky loads and groceries. Coupled up with some front panniers the Extrawheel is perhaps one of the best options for touring.
Boxy stuff is better left to the Xtracycle and Christiania.
Hermit's verdict: Perhaps the best trailer of them all, as long as the luggage is either small in size or somewhat malleable. And I've tried a lot of those trailers out there. I should either get a life or a driver's liscence.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking into the Extrawheel, but any place I find to purchase it on-line doesn't seem to sell the netting panniers that you show in your photo (carrying the propane). Can you tell me who makes those?

Tx, in advance.

Northmark said...

That version of the Extrawheel with the nets (the one I have) is no longer made.

To be honest, the nets have their drawbacks. They easily get caught in all kinds of shrubs and sticks, stuff falls out of them, etc. But they do offer the opportunity of sticking some really bulky stuff into them, which I am guessing is what you want to do.

The Extrawheel is an ingenious concept. But if it's important to you to carry some big object that won't fit into normal panniers you will have to look at other options, like the B.o.b. Yak.

The cheapest option is finding an old trailer for transporting kids, they have lots of room, but they have two wheels, which is not always practical.

Good luck!