Friday, May 8, 2009

Portable puppy pen

If you don't make an effort, your puppies are going to end up like Kaspar Hauser, with very limited training in dealing with strangers. 
My horrendously able and handy forest dwelling, mushing neighbours Øystein and Marte have a litter now, and have made a portable puppy pen to ensure the li'l ones get exposed to the world outside the dog yard. As Ø&M live right next to the train station, they make sure the pups are accessible to commuters and school children on their way home.

Putting it together: Details of the deceptively simple system for adding ekstra pieces to the pen.

The system is very flexible, one piece can be removed and the pen can be placed next to the cabin door. That way the puppies can play inside, and the humans don't have to worry about them running out into the street or onto the tracks every time the door is opened. New pieces can be added to expand the area for running around and doing busy puppy stuff.  

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