Friday, May 8, 2009

Thor's rig

Not a halo:
That's Thor in the back, obscured by his headlight.

Met Thor on my way home the other day, out with his six alaskan huskies. He uses an old cross bike, with the motor removed, as a training rig.
Cross bikes are great as dog training rigs, but they're scary in all slippery conditions. When I had a cross bike I studded it's tires, which helped a bit. Thor has modified the chains for his old car to combat dead musher syndrome (Below).

Get a grip: Car chains on a cross bike. To prevent dying.

This only works though, because the tires' treads are not all that deep. "And it doesn't really work on the sides of the tires," Thor said with a facial expression that indicated that this was an opinion based on serious empirical evidence.
He's also added a ball hitch for a small trailer, so he can carry gear for camping trips. The hitch is placed beneath the rear mud guard (below).

Get hitched: Small ball hitch for adding a trailer, placed below the rear mud guard.

Thor plans to add lead weights to the rear suspension, as the lack of weight on the rear wheel makes the rear brake almost useless.
Being a musher is a never-ending DIY project. Go customize, or walk home on your own.

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