Monday, May 4, 2009

The Zen/Tao/Hasidism of Pouring Water

Here's me, collecting water in the nearest lake. I don't do this anymore, as I got a nice little rain water catchment system going.
I still do a lot of water-pouring though. Living without running water does that to you. You pour into basins and jugs and pots and buckets and containers and on and on. But the large 25 liter containers (pictured above) are sort of unwieldy when it comes to pouring into small kettles or whatever. So I've fastened nifty little threaded spouts to the containers' openings. This works ok, but boy, the pouring is slow. Altso, if you put a water container on a surface at normal table height, the spout is really low and you, or at least I, have to bend down and look like the stooped old cove I am doubtlessly going to be pretty soon.
You're not supposed to care about stuff like this if you run into the woods to be a hermit and commune with nature and urinate through your five foot long beard. You're supposed to, well, go with the flow. But I'm afraid all that slow pouring and stooping adds up and gets to you in the end.
So now I've acquired several 10 liter containers, so I can pour a mean stream when I need some H2O real fast. And I've made a nice stand for the large containers, for when I need just a little bit of water, spurting from a sprout just like in the real homes in The Towns.
Does off-grid living make people boring? Just wondering, is all.

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