Friday, June 19, 2009

Doghouse of regret - update

Here's the double doghouse mentioned previously, the one Ø. , much against his better judgement, built on commission. Note the nifty pewter details around the openings and on the roof. This is a completely non-chew house.
A neighbor came by and saw Ø. securing the house on the trailer.
"Do you build dog houses for people?" the neighbor asked.
"Fuck off," said Ø.
He didn't say that, of course. He's a nice guy. He said this instead:
"Normally, I don't."

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Anonymous said...

you should drop by other near-neighbours too, more often than once-a-year...! I have been to the cabin maybe five-six times and never seen you there, but I guess our life schedules are different. You are in town at night, I cycle at night. On my way home a day ago I hit a rock ( all 3 dogs behaved exemplary) and tilted and hurt my chin, and broke a tooth.....expensive visit.
Johanne & (see the blog some times, ok?)