Monday, June 8, 2009

Staying put

I am posting this photograph not only for its Pulitzer Prize-type quality, but because it is a picture of a very, very good dog. It's placed outside a grocery store inside the main train station. If it moves half a foot in any direction it will tip the bicycle over, as it is connected to it through a line fastened in its harness. Thousands of people and assorted dogs are passing by, but this Alaskan Husky stays put, calmly waiting in its harness for its owner to come back. 
Even the most sedentary of my dogs (yes Bibi and Bembo, I'm talking about you) would never be able to take the pressure. They would tip over the bike, get frustrated by the clunking and the rattling, and look for some nice person or dog to smell and lick. 

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