Thursday, September 17, 2009


To get to my place, you need to cross a bog. This is, of course, maddeningly inconvenient.
But it's nice too, in a sense. It's like having a moat.
Mostly, though, it's a nuiscance. If you don't pay attention, you sink down to your thighs. Some parts of the year, If I have guests, I have to go down and greet them with spare rubber boots for them to use. And then, like some american native in a western movie, tell them to step exactly where I step.
I've spent quite some time trying to figure out how I could cross the bog while keeping my boots dry. Walking around the wettest spots makes no sense as you just end up turning ever larger parts of the bog into hideous, muddy ruts.
I could drain the thing, I guess. But this is the lowest spot in quite a large area.
In the end, I just smacked together some pressure treated boards and let them float on the softest spots. It doesn't look great, but hopefully it doesn't attract too much attention, either.


Oldfool said...

Minimal bridges. Simple, elegant solution, minimum impact, reusable if you change your mind.
Good work.
I like the idea of the moat. You can draw those bridges in. That will slow the bill collector and the sheriff down.

coastkid said...

that looks like pugsley territory!, why not make bales from local material available then set the broad walk on them so creating a pontoon type bridge if its too soft for posts to anchor it,

Anonymous said...

I've always been curious about the graphic location of your place. Is it in Northern or Southern? Near the coast? And do all your neighbors live minimally like you?

Jan-Eilert Pedersen said...

Forsvarer bruker plastnett der de kjører med firehjuling.

Kanskje du snart må få tak i et slikt?