Friday, October 2, 2009

Get wired

Despite living all these years with a solar power system, I have only recently started wiring the cabin so I can get electricity other places than right next to the batteries. Up until now I've simply relied on my cat-like night vision in places like the kitchen.

Actually, I've used a combination of candles, lights powered by AAA-cells and those tricks blind people use. Like putting my thumb into the cup so I know when it's filled up.

Soon, that will all be history. Real power is coming to the kitchen. And while I'm at it. all other kinds of places.

As this is all 12 volt it's OK for me, insurance-wise, to do all the electric stuff myself. At least I think it is. Never check a good story twice.

(Note to self: Do I have insurance on the hovel?)

Above is what passes for wiring in this place, untouched by professionals. The big fat wire on top is the trucker's lane, you need big fat wires to transport 12 volt any distance. And then I add narrower, and more pliable wires to go to the assorted lights and switches.

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