Thursday, October 1, 2009

Architecture for sheep

This summer, GF and I walked around some mountain pastures for sheep. The sheep farmers set up constructions like this so the ewes have somewhere to go with their lambs if it really starts pouring.
"This is great," said GF.
"You could live here, and I could stay in that luxury hotel three miles down. Wouldn't that be just perfect for both of us?"


Diane said...

Funny guy, your friend. :-)

Johanne said...

Don't they have names, all these people ?
Passed your path today in great speed (10-dog). I do inspect from time to time, but don't find you home. It is not that often, I must admit.

Northmark said...

I'd feel weird using real names of people and places. Some kind of privacy obsession or something. But maybe I should give people better nick names. It would making reading easier.