Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thanks for all the fish

Friend and neighbor K. has started cutting out the mackerel logo out of tins of mackerel & tomato sauce, a local popular bread spread.
So there. See what happens when you live alone in a small cabin in the woods.
Mackerel & tomato is often known as "dead man in a tin" or "air plane crash", because that's what it looks like, if you got that kind of imagination. After a couple of decades, the jokes have gone beyond stale and now functions as simple synonyms.
K. has a vague idea about making a glittering, shimmering kind of curtain with these fish, suspended on fishing wire, I'm guessing. It would look nice in the wind.
K. refuses to call this an art project, claiming everybody calls everything art these days.
I'm still filing this under "art". Don't know where else to put it.


womanwisdom said...

those are beautiful cut-outs! i love mackerel...and eat it straight out of the can!

interesting idea about art cut-outs..hhmmmm you gave me an idea for a wind mobile...

thank God for the fish. we have lots of them in these islands...

wonderful day now...take care!

Diane said...

They would make a great curtain as well as a wind chime that womanwisdom suggested.