Thursday, February 4, 2010

The toast of New York

A friend, who we might well call Very Tall Typographer, because that's what he is, gave me this non-electric toaster. He bought it in a fancy store in New York, of all places.

This is a rather glorious little gadget. The air between the grid and the bottom plate dries out the bread and the result is nice and crispy, unlike the result when trying to make toast in a skillet. It can be used both on the wood stove and on the propane range (below).

I might have been able to make this myself if I had thought of it, but that goes for many things I like.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Jolly good dog blog. I'll be back to sniff around some more.

Oldfool said...

Does Typographer still mean printer?
I was a member of the International Typographers Union back in the late 1950's as an apprentice printer making a mans wage and spending it on girls, cars, alcohol and dope. If there was any left over I wasted it on rent and food.
I have a stove top toaster of a different design that works pretty well. If you want toast in a hurry use a propane torch. Works good. Its also the best way I've found to roast chiles.

Northmark said...

Typographers my age started out learning how to set type in lead and bind books by hand. Very Tall Typographer now works mostly with computers in a tabloid daily but would prefer a more steam-punk oriented alternate media universe.